The Most Helpful Military Children’s Books Categorized into Subjects

If you are a parent who works in the military, it must not be easy leaving your child while you go away for “long trips” for work. However you are not alone, it is hard for your kids too. If you are wondering how best you can help ease the distance for them and make it better for you and see that you are doing it for the good of your country, military children books can be of great help.

Military children’s books are books aimed at helping children understand deployment, cope with starting school or even changing places. They are written in simple language that kids can understand, get enlightened and learn about deployment. Read on to find the right military children’s book that may be of great help to your child no matter the situation they may be going through. Also visit for great reading materials.

1. Dear Blue Sky
This book tells a story of a struggling family when one of their members is sent to Iraq. This book aims to show the effects of war on both sides of the parties involved and how the two parties can cope with this.
2. The Wishing Tree
This book is written to help children with deployed parents to take a positive approach to accepting the situation as well as provide useful positive strategies they can take in the situation.
3. Home Again
This book expresses the needs of families with loved ones who have been deployed to the military. This book addresses the wishes of children facing deployment to have their parents return home.
1. Finding My way
This is a teen’s guide book to living with a parent who has experienced trauma possibly in deployment to the military. This is very invaluable to teenagers who don’t know how to deal with parents who have experienced trauma and are possibly frightened or confused.
2. A Terrible Thing Happened
This book is written with the aim to help children who have witnessed any kind of violence or trauma and are possibly affected by it.

Early Intervention
1. Square Cat
The square Cat is simply a well-told story of true friendship. This book teaches children to have self-esteem and accept themselves as they are as well as accepting others in the same light.
2. I like Me!
Just like the previous book, this book teaches about self-confidence and loving me just as I am and appreciating me. This book also teaches children to take a risk, they should not be afraid of making mistakes as there is always room for improvement.
3. Ian’s Walk
A story about autism
This book is a great idea for any parent with an autistic child. This book aims to explain how a child with autism experiences the world different from others. Moreover, it highlights the life of siblings of children who are autistic.
4. I Am Deaf
This is a great book for any child who finds it difficult to express themselves and overcome the obstacles they face every day. This story illustrates the life of a girl who is deaf and finds it difficult to express herself and communicate with her friends and teachers

Injured or Loss of a Loved One
1. Sparrow
This book aims at helping children who have parents or guardians who have been physically or emotionally injured.
2. Military life
A poem and story military children’s book from a child’s point of view this book features various songs and poems kids use to cope with a deployment situation.
3. Love and Memories
This is a page by page book that illustrates some activities a child who has lost a loved one can engage in. this book enables children to personalize it like a scrapbook that keeps the memories of their loved one.
These are some of the best children military books that address every situation really well. Happy reading!